This blog is all for you ♥

Hey I’m Minty and this is a blog dedicated to the things in my life that mean a lot to me: baking and health + fitness. They used to be the two things I constantly avoided and they were my weaknesses: I couldn’t go near an oven or turn it on and I feared being healthy. But suddenly they just gradually crept into my life and remained there for good – all because I just tried them out.

I just want to say you can change your weaknesses and what you hate into your strengths. Things are never impossible, nothing is impossible. Yeah, people always say that in movies but there is a reason they say it; IT’S TRUE. So just follow what you want and achieve the best. Enjoy your hobbies and do something new. Be addicted to having so much fun.

♥  I hope my blog influences you to get baking and get healthy because it’s also a journey for me too

And yes, this blog is actually random. It’s all about lifestyle, baking and motivation for anyone who needs it ♥

I want to help anyone with this blog, whether you have problems with your lifestyle or if you just want a chocolate cake recipe.


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