Giant S’more Cake

Haha. It didn’t mean to turn out that big. I wanted to make a cute, tiny, small four layer cake that resembled a  tiny S’more but then things went a little crazy and I ended up making a massive S’more cake. The photo kinda shows how scary it was but in real life it looked even more big (Sorry for the quality of the pic – I’m using a phone camera again). It’s weird though as when you look at the cake you either want to bury your head into it or just run away.


Towering cake layers bursting full of chocolate and other S’more related things. My parents freaked out as I had just come out of an operation and I was just casually making this monstrous thing so I looked insane (imagine me evilly whisking up some italian meringue with massive head bandages on). So do you want to know what was actually in it that made my parents think I was even more insane?


That totally was not how I imagined it to be. It was meant to be cute and S’moreish. I had jammed a huge layer of homemade vanilla marshmallow between two moist chocolate cake layers and put it on a layer of rocky road mixture that had homemade graham crackers and marshmallow in it. Oh and I filled the cake with italian meringue buttercream and covered it in sweet chocolate american frosting. The rocky road was there because at that time I thought it wasn’t s’moreish enough so I thought if all the ingredients of a S’more were mixed together, you would get a rocky road. I have to admit I am insane.


Yeah maybe I did destroy everyone’s diets that day but they didn’t say no to a piece.



Recipe for the chocolate cake layers:

(Adapted from:


♥ 3 oz. chopped dark chocolate
♥ 3/4 cup & 1 1/2 tablespoons cocoa powder
♥ 1 cup boiling water
♥ 2 large eggs
♥ 2 large egg yolks
♥ 1/4 cup sour cream (I used yogurt)
♥ 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
♥ 2 1/4 cups cake flour
♥ 1 1/2 cups light brown sugar
♥ 1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
♥ 225g butter

1) Grease and line two 20cm / 8. inch cake pans. Pre-heat your oven to 170 – 180 degrees (depending on how hot it usually is).

2) Mix the hot water, chopped chocolate and cocoa powder together so that the chocolate melts. Stir until it is all one brown mixture with no lumps and leave to cool, stirring occasionally as a skin may form from the setting chocolate.

3) Mix half of the chocolate mixture, the eggs and yolks, sour cream (or replacement) and the vanilla.

4) In another bowl, sift in all the remaining dry ingredients so they are well combined and add the butter. Stir very well so that the butter is creamed into the flour mixture. Add the remaining chocolate mixture and stir really well.

5) Add the egg and chocolate mixture in now, beating but not too much (never over mix -dramatic violins start playing horror music-)

6) Pour the mixture into the two cake tins and back for 30 – 40 minutes.

7) Take out of oven carefully and leave to cool.


Recipe for the marshmallow layer:

(Recipe from:



A massive circle of vanilla marshmallow


♥ 1/2 cup of cold water

♥ 2 Tablespoons of gelatin

♥ 1/2 cup of water

♥ 2 cups of organic cane sugar

♥ 1/8 tsp cream of tartar

♥ 1 tsp. Vanilla

♥ Cornstarch for dusting

 1) Line a 8. inch / 20 cm cake tin with greaseproof paper and grease it. Sprinkle some cornstarch over it so the marshmallow won’t stick as much.

2) In a large mix together the gelatin and cold water and leave to soak.

3) In a heavy bottomed metal sauce pan, combine the water, sugar and cream of tartar and whisk over low heat until the sugar is dissolved.

4) Using a jam thermometer boil the mixture until it reaches 240 degrees fahrenheit.

5) Quickly pour the mixture into the gelatin mixture, drop your saucepan somewhere safe and hurry up and whisk that mixture away (either by hand mixer or stand mixer – I used a hand mixer).

6)The original recipe says to whip it until it is fluffy but I whipped it for 10 minutes and it was still pourable but aerated so I went ahead and poured it into my cake tin (Have no doubt in doing this mine came out fluffy and so bouncy you could have a bouncy castle war on it but don’t)

7) Sift corn flour / starch over the top of it so it won’t stick to anything it touches.

8) Leave to set for about five hours or maybe overnight (I played it safe and let it set overnight)


Recipe for italian meringue buttercream

♥ 175g caster sugar

♥ 3 Tablespoons water

♥ 3 egg whites

♥ 175g softened butter

♥ 1 Teaspoon vanilla

1) Place the water and sugar in a pan and heat until dissolved. After that, bring it to a boil.

2) While boiling the sugar mixture, beat the egg whites until they are soft peak consistency.

3) When the sugar mixture has reached 121 degrees celsius / 250 degrees fahrenheit, remove from heat and pour into the egg white mixture and beat thoroughly whilst adding. Beat for about 10 – 15 minutes until exactly room temperature.

4) Beat in the butter quickly so it does not curdle (I pray that none of you will have a curdled mixture the pain… oh the pain)

5) Then drizzle in the vanilla and mix.


Recipe for graham crackers –


Recipe for chocolate frosting – beat together the following ingredients

♥ 3 and 1/2 cups of butter

♥ 7 cups of powdered sugar

♥ A splash of milk

♥ 1 and 1/2 cups cocoa powder


Recipe for rocky road layer (Go crazy and add whatever the hell you want to the mixture)

(Adapted from:

♥ 125g butter
♥ 300g milk chocolate, broken into pieces
♥ 3 tbsp golden syrup / honey / light corn syrup
♥ 200g graham crackers (you can make them with the recipe above)
♥ 100g mini marshmallows (you can use some of your marshmallow mixture and cut them into pieces)

1) Melt butter, chocolate and golden syrup together until smooth.

2) Add the remaining ingredients and pour into a lined 8. inch / 20 cm cake tin.

3) Leave to set in the fridge.

Assembly of the cake:

♥ Turn out the rocky road mixture onto a cake board

♥ Ice the top with italian meringue buttercream

♥ Lay a layer of cake on top

♥ Then add more buttercream

♥ Carefully take out the marshmallow layer and flip it onto the cake

♥ Ice it with more buttercream and place down the final layer of cake

♥ Ice the whole cake with chocolate buttercream decorating it however you wish

(I used marshmallows that were drizzled with dark chocolate)



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