❀ Baking ❀

So this is one of those skills people think that are either hard or just pointless. Well baking is whatever you make of it – like most things. I LOVE BAKING and no it is NOT HARD. So what if you can’t make a cupcake without burning the house down. Just follow the recipe step – by step and be happy of the results, inedible or edible. Either way if you muck up, just eat the results like they never happened.

I started baking as a lazy 14 year old trying to make a cupcake for my sister’s birthday at 4am. I was scared as hell and I swore I would never bake again. But somehow life went insane and baking is my main hobby.

Cake Recipes

Cookie Recipes

Cupcake and Muffin Recipes

Bread and Bun Recipes


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