Feeling sad and giving up?

Every once and a while you are mid way through your new healthy lifestyle and suddenly you just see some junk food or go through something stressful you just quit.

You quit all of your hard work and feel bad about it for weeks, months and then it ends up to be years. That’s okay because everyone goes through that but if you are reading this now and you are going through this miserable time, IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO GET BACK TO YOUR OWN SELF AGAIN. Who cares if you haven’t worked out in a billion years or who cares if you just ate that Big Mac an hour ago. The only person who cares is you so you better snap yourself out of this feeling bad for yourself state and GET BACK TO BUSINESS.

You will be so hella proud to get yourself back on track again. Like visualise your diet journey as yourself running a race. Once you trip over DO YOU JUST WALK BACK TO THE START AND CRY? No. Hell no, you keep on going forwards. Take your time because every little step is making a huge change to get there in the end. I know it is the hardest thing ever but heelllooo how much do you want to change? How much do you want to fit into that favourite top? Remember the reason why you started.

Gradually make yourself strong enough to get on track. Dance to your favourite song. Do some star jumps whilst watching a favourite show. Look at that pizza slice or piece of junk in your hand and shout “HELL NO AM I GOING TO EAT YOU” at it and chuck it away. Walk that dog. Or just stroll around everywhere, go and buy those new shoes you wanted and feel good as you walk.

Just start again

Look at that penguin preach it



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