My personal battle

This feels slightly intimidating posting my own personal stuff on here but it is a blog isn’t it? And it’s not like anyone will read this.

I just wanted to type this on here because I want to change and if I type it onto this blog it will motivate the hell out of me. If anyone else is going through struggles like this HANG ON IN THERE. LET’S GET OUT OF THE HELL HOLE NOW.

I have always wanted to lose body fat and become fitter and I am in the process of it. It is a long journey for everyone but I am doing it the healthy way. Yup, healthy eating and frequent exercising. The only things that are in my way are some annoying eating disorders that trip me up now and then. It’s kinda scary most of the time because one minute you are striding forwards and losing that weight and then PING I am suddenly eating everything and then throwing it up.

After three years of dealing with starving myself, binging and throwing up my food I AM DONE WITH IT. Yeah, I will still have some problems but since I have made this blog (haha, only a night ago) I FEEL BETTER. I don’t want to let myself down again.

Starving yourself IS NO WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT. Yeah you lose weight but there are other things to consider too. It’s so hard to step out of the unhealthy lifestyle BUT JUST DO IT. Push yourself out. Stop the bad habits. Who cares if it take a lonnngg time – I’m three years out of it but I still have bad times.

If you ever want to talk or need help just message me or talk to someone close because gurlll you are totally worth it.

People who say “Oh, well we are only human pahahaha”

Only? Yeah we are human but we are unique, we make mistakes, we break down but everyone is special so never blame it on being human. Never limit yourself to a word just be the best you can be HANG IN THERE BUDDY YOU DESERVE TO DEFINE YOURSELF


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