The truth of a healthy diet

When people hear the word “diet”, suddenly an orchestra comes out of no where and starts playing music from a horror movie track and a lady appears to scratch her nails down the blackboard. The word “diet” has a bad reputation. But it isn’t that bad. It’s just misunderstood by many people like a sad villain from a book that you would read where people judge them from misconceptions.

But actually diet just means what you are eating on a daily basis. It can be a healthy diet or unhealthy. Just because some girl tells you she is on a “diet” and eats five grapes everyday it DOES NOT mean she is on a healthy diet. A healthy diet is not anything to do with the quantity of the food you eat; it’s the quality. That is all that matters.

People cannot stop you from eating what you want as diets depend on your own lifestyle, your own health and how your body reacts to food.

If you want to be on a healthy diet I think you should stop reading into other crazy diets (have you heard about the chocolate diet that means you can eat five chocolate bars in a day and lose weight? Don’t try that rubbish.) because they might not work for you. If they work for you, GREAT! But the question is will they help you in the long run? Could you even keep it as a lifestyle? The problem with “healthy eating” is that people think HAHA! I’m only on it for a month to lose this weight and then eat whatever the hell I want. Like no. Healthy eating is not temporary it’s a lifestyle, although you shouldn’t restrain yourself from unhealthy foods in moderation.

Don’t starve yourself (if you have an eating disorder it’s okay, I know its hard but you can DO IT WOO I tried hard to overcome it and it feels great once its gone), don’t eat under the minimum amount of 1200 calories (or whatever calorie total you have calculated for yourself) and just don’t copy anyone else who is having an unhealthy lifestyle e.g. eating a few pieces of fruit everyday.

Be yourself.

People are being led to believe that a healthy diet is wrong nowadays. They think the only way to lose weight is to eat in extremely small portions, but actually THERE IS A REASON WHY people urge people to eat healthily with correct portions and nutritious food – BECAUSE IT WORKS. It’s slow. Very slow but right at the end, your body will be hard to change and you will be healthier than ever.

There’s a reason why the healthy diet exists it just kills me to see people being driven away from it in desperate attempts to lose weight.

There are just some key points:

♥ Eat three healthy meals each day, with healthy natural snacks when you are hungry – avoid heavily processed foods

♥ Drink around 2 litres of water each day and sleep well

♥ Exercise is optional but if you want to feel good – TRY IT. TRY IT FOREVER. ITS GOING TO CHANGE YOU FOREVER

♥ If you feel unhappy with your diet you are obviously restraining yourself from having fun. A diet isn’t about saying to yourself OH NO I CAN’T EAT THAT BOO HOO, no it’s more like gradually changing yourself and making that transition to find tasty foods that are also healthy (Like, girl, have you made yourself a smoothie before or had a frozen yogurt?)

There’s always a reason this diet that everyone knows about exists; it’s the only one that works for everyone.

Be happy and healthy 


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